Diary of a Philophobe (Chapter 1)

The Chronicles of the AGC

Wednesday, 31st March 2021 7:33 pm

Here I am sitting outside on my dad’s fold-able blue chair, typing with the light shining over the fence from my neighbor’s house. The night is clear and warm with slight winds drifting…

How Covid19 has finally opened Nigeria’s Fowl’s Behind.

Growing up, I always had the mindset that as long as I was doing okay as an individual, my family doing okay financially, then all is well. I couldn’t care less ab the government, or the institutions of Nigeria, or the cry…

The Big ‘F’ Word

The “F” word…

The big “F” word…

The big “F” word that is driving the whole world crazy

The “F” word that is causing a rift in the very fabric of our society. Yeah you guessed it right. I’m talking about feminism.

Of course that’s what…

I’m coming Home…A tale of goodbye and Hello

Opening his jet black folder, a piece of paper flutters to the floor, wondering what it was he bends down and picks up the fallen piece of paper between his dainty fingers. …

Art by @ritzbitzfei (IG: ritzbitzfei)

An Excerpt from ‘The traveling keepers’ storybook

Perched atop the highest jagged edge, a girl with beautiful dark skin the color of shiny black pearls stands in shimmering gold danshiki cut off top and a long gold sokoto. …

Every second, Every minute, every hour

Everyday, Every moment

For every breath drawn in pure agony,

I have to, I must go on,

For Life, For God, For Family

I have to, I must go on,

For life that has blessed me

For God that has blessed me with life

For Family God has given me

I have to, I must go on,

Every path, Every turn of torns

On barefoot treaded,

One foot whole, One foot pierced and bleeding,

Every brick, Every block I have to to tear down

With bleeding fingertips

I have to, I must go on,

Battered heart, torn soul, cruel humanity,

Waning strength, torn sail, battered mast’

Rough seas, endless peril, never ending sadness, unforgiving storm

I have to, I must go on,

For God, For Life, For Family.


Navigating Life

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